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Five Fun Hula Hoop tosses

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

So, you've picked up a new hobby and you're having a a ton of fun, right? Of course you are! Hooping is AH-Mazing! But, now you are ready to add a little flair to your fitness routine - it's time to toss some new tricks into your flow. See what I did there? 😂

Here are 5 fun tosses you can learn:

  • Elbow Toss

  • Infinity Toss (Under the Armpit)

  • 'J' Toss / Standard Toss

  • Under the leg Toss

  • Pizza Toss

Check out @Amy_Performs, co-owner of Mad About Hoops demonstrating all five tosses.

Which are your favorites?

Which ones would you like us to make a tutorial for?

Let us know below! As always, be sure to follow us online @MadAboutHoops across all social media outlets for more hoop tutorials and inspiration!

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