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Where summer camp fun and hula hooping unite!

Nestled in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM at Bishop's Ridge, girls ages 7-14 will meet to learn  circus arts skills with hula hoop professionals, sleep under the stars and create best friends for life. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity for your child to ditch the screen time and have the best summer of their lives! Reserve their spot today, and let the adventure begin.

Your girls will experience...


Friendship, bonds, and teamwork that curate valuable skill sets for now and into the future

Breathtaking views, a sense of adventure, and the chance to explore new places in nature 


Discovery of new talents, defining hula hoop skills, and immersing themselves into the wonders of circus arts


A Summer Camp Like No Other!

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure! This is a unique opportunity to learn incredible circus skills from hula hoop professionals in a fun and safe environment. From mastering hula hoop tricks to discovering the art of juggling, balloon animals, and tight rope walking, our campers will unleash their inner circus stars - but that’s just the beginning!




Add in the classic camp experience with bunk rooms located in adorable ‘A’ frame cabins under the sparkling Santa Fe stars, the gentle sounds of nature and waking up to breathtaking mountain views, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, and learning about the native cultures. Their week away will be packed full of fun!





During their stay whole nutritious meals will be provided, chores will be expected and delegated throughout the cabins, rest times will be scheduled and all of this will be done with extremely limited screen time! This is their chance to disconnect with the online world, and be completely present with their peers and counselors. 

Hula Hoop Classes
Circus Workshops
Camp Showcase
Campfire Gatherings
Nutritious Meals
Cabin Chores
Limited Screen Time

Meet The Brains Behind The Camp

No great idea is born without imaginative leaders, and we are extremely lucky to have 2 of them: Amy Neel & Madison Wiggin


Combined, they have over 25+ years of experience teaching and performing. They've performed for Freedom over Texas, The Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade and for Super Bowl Live to name a few! Together, they co-own the nation’s largest hula hoop after-school program, Mad About Hoops. Through this program, they are able to inspire and enrich the lives of children all across the nation! They’ve led an incredible team of instructors and thousands of students in hula hoop halftime performances for the Harlem GlobeTrotters, NBA, MLS and university sporting events. They are gearing up for the release of their second children’s book about hula hooping - but their biggest adventure is yet to come: Sleepaway Circus! 

Madison spent nearly every summer of her childhood at sleepaway camp and knows first hand how transformative summer camp can be! Amy and Madison are eager to give this incredible opportunity to girls across the nation, but with a circus spin!


With these two ladies leading, your kids are in for an unforgettable summer adventure!

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