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C Andrea Clark, 3/27/2017

"My daughter has participated in Mad About Hoops in summer camp and now as an after school enrichment activity at her school. She loves it! Keep up the good work"

Laura Lemus 11/22/2016

"My 5 year old loves her hooping class through the after care program at school. Amy is a great instructor! It was so great seeing my daughter and her friends perform at the Rice halftime show."

Thuy Trinh Wong, 4/30/2016 

"Mad About Hoops is fantastic! We had Miss Madison come out and provide hoop lessons and a show for my daughters 6th birthday. All the kids had a great time. I highly recommend Mad About Hoops!"


Cheryl Hensley, 12/21/2015

"Madison made an incredible impact on my kids in a short amount of time. Their hooping skills greatly improved and their confidence soared. Hoop camp over the holidays was a wonderful experience."

Nichola Renfrew, 10/10/2015

"Madison is out of this world! Not only is she a superb teacher and hooper, she is a cool and strong role model for daughters."

Sarni J., 4/23/2015

"I am a publicist and booked Amy and her partner Madison for a charity event. They are skilled hoppers which is a given, but it's the rest of the performance aspect that made them stand out. They were professional, they knew how to tailor their music choice and performance style to the event attendees, and they kept the energy up in the crowd, teaching tricks and doing challenges after. They brought hoops for everyone to use also which helped us out alot. They did more than perform they helped with the whole event. They are definitely a great choice to book for your event!"

Roosevelt B., 4/4/2015

"The hoop dance was the hightlight of our Anniversary Luau event. The dancers arrived on time and met every requirement that was requested. Rave reviews by the attendees! The performance gets a "green-light" for good family fun! Would recommend Amy Neel for future performances!"



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