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5 Easy ways to get Motivated to Hula Hoop!

We have all been there. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to pick up that hula hoop and find some inspiration. But if you are able to pick up the hoop, before you know it, you are feeling your flow and pumping those endorphins. It just takes some tools to get there!

Here are 5 easy ways to get motivated to hula hoop!

  1. Drill hula hoop tricks that you already know and love! This will guide your brain to get inspired with your flow, help you really nail those tricks and will aid your mind to finding new ideas for combos.

  2. Put on a song that you love! This is probably my favorite way to get inspired to hoop. Do you ever have that feeling where "your jam" comes on and all the sudden you race to grab your hoop? My suggestion is create a hula hooping playlist for yourself and just push play when you need to get the juices flowing.

  3. Throw on a cute outfit or costume. This is another great way for excitement to flow through you and all the way to your hula hoop. I noticed that if I put on my favorite outfit, I'm automatically drawn to my hoops! Hoping gives us confidence, but so does looking! It's almost a superpower when you combine the two. Give it a try and see for yourself!

  4. Let's get back to basics and waist hoop, the original hoop trick! Waist hooping helps you connect to your core and reminds your body how it craves the hoop. Even just the motion of waist hooping, makes me want to explore on body moves, usually followed by tricks.

  5. Purchase an online course and learn from professionals! This is an incredible way to get back into hooping and online classes are normally affordable. Sometimes it helps to get inspiration from others! Check out our Mad About Hoops online courses HERE!

Check out our step by step video on how to get motivated with your hoop!

For more hula hoop inspiration, head over to our Instagram and Tok Tok page @madabouthoops! Also, use the #madabouthoops if you want us to see your progress!

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