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5 Ways to create a circus in your living room!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Quarantine got you down? Are your kids bored and driving you crazy? Why not let them get super creative and star in their very own living room circus! Here are 5 tips to get them started!

1. Grab a hula hoop and learn some tricks.

Check out Mad About Hoops Instagram, facebook or youtube for free and fun tutorials for all skill levels! We suggest trying this silly bun hooping tutorial to make your guests laugh!

2. Decorate your circus space.

Think Big top tents! Anything that is red, white, black or striped will add to the circus feel. Just look at the living room circus we created! ->

We used black curtains, plastic table clothes and balloons to create this adorable circus backdrop! You can also use any left over birthday party decor, streamers, Christmas lights or DIY your own posters and circus signs! Check out our Circus Pinterest Board for some exciting DIY circus ideas!

3. Choreograph a routine to circus music.

Five. Six. Seven. Eight! Check out our family friendly circus playlist on spotify for inspiration. You can hula hoop, tell funny jokes, do magic tricks or host a silly circus dance party! Just have fun putting on a super silly show for your family!

4. Create a circus character

Circus stars aren't born, they are created!

Explore your circus alter ego by coming up with a silly circus name and back story! Maybe your character talks in a silly voice or fun accent. Where is your character

from and what is their talent?

Create a costume using things you find around the house and then finalize your circus look with clown make up!

We suggest tying out this simple look using non-toxic body paint or black eye liner and red lipstick.

5. Perfect your performance!

Join an online course to learn circus fundamentals like juggling, poi and two hoop routines! Our Brand new Hoops and Circus course teaches all this and more! Check out our online course here. Use discount code 'earlybird2020' to get $30 off, this week only!

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