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Frequently Asked Questions (4)

Q: What does the program cost? 


A: $7,000


Q: Is there a payment plan and if so, what are the payments? 

A: YES! To start, you will put down a $500 deposit. Then we'll contact you to set up a customized plan with monthly or weekly payments that fit your budget! The course must be paid in full by the last class date: November 15th.

(Meaning the sooner you sign up, the lower your monthly or weekly payments will be!) 


Q: What’s the average income I can expect?

A: Income can vary depending on the season (fall, summer, spring) and how many hours/classes you want to teach per week. But on average, you could expect to earn about $12,500 teaching just 5 hours per week over the course of 4 months. If you add more classes or expand your team, you can significantly increase your earnings. 


Q: What is the difference between a franchisee and an affiliate? 

A: Both are similar with one major difference - COST! 


First, let's start with how they are the same:

  • Both allow you to 'become the brand'. You get to use the existing name, logo, marketing, branding, etc. 

  • Both allow you to use the existing customer base and brand awareness.  

  • Both provide training and trade secrets so little to no industry experience is necessary.

  • Both provide proof of concept so there is lower risk than starting an entirely new business. 

  • Both provide continued support from the business owner. 

  • Both provide opportunities for expanding your business to different locations.


How they are different:

  • Becoming an affiliate is less than half the cost of starting a franchise, usually much less than half! Here are some comparisons of other after-school program franchise prices

  • Franchisee's must report all earnings and share a percentage of profits with their franchisor. As an affiliate you never have to report your earnings or share your profit, instead there is a nominal renewal fee yearly potentially saving you thousands each year! Here's a cost comparison example of other after-school franchise options: 



Q: What will I get as a Mad About Hoops affiliate? 


  • Workbook and online teacher training course

  • 21 hours of live zoom classes + recordings

  • In depth training on classroom management

  • Learn the proven 'Mad About Hoops' method of teaching hooping to kids

  • Unlimited access to our extensive library of lesson plans and teacher resources 

  • Unlimited access to the 'Mad About Hoops' library of online hoop classes

  • Learn how to set up and run a successful after-school company from the pros!

  • Unlimited access to sample sales scripts, contracts, HR forms and more

  • Listing on our website and scheduled social media posts

  • Continued support with 6 coaching calls yearly w/ option to add more

  • Exclusive licensing rights in your area w/ first right to renew yearly

  • Use of the Mad About Hoops name and logo plus the perk of our existing partnerships, customer base and brand awareness!



Q: What’s included in the course and workbook?

A: The following is a breakdown of the course. Included will be worksheets, quizzes and various tests to ensure that you are set up for success and ready to start your own business. 

                        -Fundamentals of a great teacher​

                        -Creating the perfect hoop class​

                        -Mad About Hoops Teaching Certificate

                        -Affiliate logistics and representing the brand

                        -Sales and Marketing 101​

                        -Basic business set up and operations​

                        -Increasing your income​

                        -Expanding your team​

                        -Exceeding your own Expectations​

Q: How long is the course?

A: The entire course lasts 7 weeks. That’s less than 2 months to completely change your life!

Q: Do you have your own independent business?

A: Yes! Your business is YOURS. We are just there to help you reach your full potential!

Q: What are the ongoing fees?

A: There is an annual license renewal fee of $1,000. And that's all you'll ever pay to us to keep using the brand. You will never pay us royalties or a percentage of your sales. 

Q: Will I get support once I complete the course?

A: Absolutely! Once you become a part of the Mad About Hoops affiliate program, you are more than just a business partner. You are family! We are always here to help, support, and advise you every step of the way.

Q: What are the dates/times?

We'll be announcing a new session later this year! Stay tuned for more info or click here to join our affiliate program mailing list. 


Q: Will there be more than one affiliate in my area?

A: Nope! There is only one affiliate per area. This means that your Mad About Hoops business will never have to compete with another.

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