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Throw the ultimate Family Dance Party!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

With many families opting to stay home and social distance - things at home might be getting a little boring to say the least. I know they are in my home and I'm just a little embarrassed - okay, a lot embarrassed - to admit that our screen time has been through the roof during quarantine - not just the kids, but all of us.

We've got just the perfect idea that will not only cure the family boredom but it'll get the kids moving and give everyone a break from their screens.

Have a family dance party!

Here is our list of ideas that will have your entire family smiling and dancing with you in no time:

1) Decide on a theme:

What is a dance party without a theme? Think about your high school dances in the gym - under the sea, once upon a time, winter wonderland - you get it! They all had a theme, why? Because it's more fun! Get the kiddos involved in your theme, why not neon/80's, pirates, princess', and then plan your night with this in mind! From you outfits to the decorations and even the snacks - the more you stick with your theme, the more fun your dance party will be!

2) Decorate:

This is a fun one you can even get the kids involved in. Check out our pintrest board for fun DIY decor inspo! Spend the day crafting and decorating together and then you have an epic dance party to celebrate.

3) Lights:

This one could have gone with decorate, but lighting at a dance party is important enough to get it's own line on our list. Dust off that old lava lamp if you've got it, dig the disco ball out of storage and pull those holiday lights out of the attic! If you've got any glowsticks or LED toys - bring those out, too! An LED hula hoop is a sure fire way to get people moving! The point is to use what you've got and get creative. Lights set the mood for your party, so don't skimp on this step!

4) Music:

This is the most important on the list! A dance party needs music that will get everyone on the dance floor - adults and kids alike! But you don't want to be stuck behind the screen taking requests, searching for songs or rushing to skip some of the 'not so family friendly' songs? Of course not! Skip the stress, don't call the DJ - Mad About Hoops has you covered! Just pop on our kid approved 'Spotify' playlist and you'll be free to dance the night away!

What are you waiting for? You have a dance party to plan!

Be sure to follow us @MadAboutHoops across all social media platforms for more fun tips and tricks to keep your family moving!

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