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Mommy and Me moves with a hula hoop!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

One of the reasons I fell in love with hooping as an adult was ...

mom guilt. That's right, I said it. Mom guilt is a real thing. Because of it, we prioritize our families, and more specifically our children, over ourselves more often than not. Squeezing in gym time as a full time working mom means sacrificing precious time with your babies. Mom's have it hard, y'all. That's why I fell in love with hooping. It provided me with a super fun way to work out while still being able to 'play' with my kids.

I remember those early days as a hula hooper; I was a mommy who desperately wanted to get my pre-baby body back and I was still working long hours at an office job. This was 2013, before hooping had entirely taken over my life. I remember watching the clock, patiently waiting for it to strike five. I would rush home grab my hoop and my little girls, age 3 and 6 at the time, and we would go play outside until the sun went down.

I was loving my new workout, but I wasn't instinctively 'good' or 'natural' at hooping, but that's a topic for another blog post. I was having fun and burning calories, it was definitely more fun than the treadmill. More importantly, I wasn't sacrificing making memories with my girls - in fact, it was just the opposite!

This became our normal for a while, sometimes they did their own thing playing together outside while I hooped and kept an eye on them. Other times they hooped with me and we all played together. As I began to improve, they wanted to learn and dance with me.

Here were some of our favorite 'Mommy & Me' moves we did together. Of course, you can do these moves with anyone - siblings, friends, partners - whoever you like to play with :) Grab a hoop, grab a friend and try these fun partner moves!

1) Hoop Passing

2) Partner Isolations

3) Barrel Roll variations

4) Hula Hoop sling shot

Watch until the end for the most adorable bonus move!

Follow us on TikTok @madabouthoops to learn how to do these mommy and me moves!

Did we leave off anything? What are your favorite partner moves? Let us know below!

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