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How to take your Hula Hoops on an Airplane!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Are you an avid hooper, about to embark upon a trip involving an airplane? Are you curious on how to bring your hoops with you? Let Mad About Hoops help you on the best method for YOU to take your hoops with you.

1. Collapsing Poly Pro Hoops

This method is a favorite of the Mad About Hoops owners. Why? Because we can take multiple hoops with us! On my recent trip to Portland from Denver, I traveled with 6 hoops total! Two of my hoops we're LED hoops and 4 we're the same size poly pro hoops. I collapsed all of the hoops down and connected the same sized hoops together. Make sure you get the hoops down to their smallest size and then put them inside a hula hoop huggie.

I recently flew Southwest with my hoops and when I scanned my ticket to get on the plane, no one said anything about the hoop being around my body, even with a backpack and a carry on bag. If you want to be extra safe, check 1 of your carry on bags and you wont be hassled at all!

2. PE Collapsible Hoop

This method is for a newer traveling hooper, that only needs one hula hoop on their trip! Collapse your PE collapsable hoop, strap the hoop to a backpack with some string or a scarf and then head off to the airport. Your bag will fit perfectly under the seat in front of you.

3. Sectional Hoops

The last method is for the hooper that doesn't want to fuss around with hoops while they're going through security and is looking to check their luggage. Sectional hoops are incredible, because they won't get wonky through the traveling process and are much easier to travel with! I would use this method if I was traveling somewhere far and wasn't bringing any LED hoops with me. You can also place you PE collapsible hoop and even collapse your poly pro hoops in a checked back. Just be aware that if your luggage gets lost, so will your hoops! That's why I like to keep my hoops on my person, especially if I have LED hoops

Check out our Tik Tok Video below for a Step by Step guide. Email us at if you have any questions!

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