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How to keep your hula hoop on your waist!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We all know the story. You picked up a kids hula hoop at Target and gave it a spin. You quickly realized you couldn't keep the hoop on your waist and then you gave up. I promise you that your hoop journey isn't over- you just need more information to move forward.


Hoop size is very important when trying to master waist hooping. If you're an adult and you're using a cheap plastic hoop with beads or water inside, chances are you won't be able to keep your

#hulahoop up. Your kiddo may be able to use a hoop that small or lightweight, but that's because the diameter of their tummies are much smaller than adults. When finding the correct sized hoop for yourself, one thing to note is that the top of your hoop should at least reach your belly button. The larger the hoop is in diameter, the more likely you'll be able to keep your hoop on your tummy!

The weight of your hoop is also very important. The heavier the hoop, the better. Make sure you use a Polyethylene hoop, also known as PE tubing. PE tubing is thicker black tubing that can be found at hardware stores - Not to be confused with Polypro tubing, a light and often colorful plastic type tubing. Finally, check out quality hoop shops, to ensure you get the best hoop possible. You can take a peak at Jam Hoops Limited for quality hoops that will last! Click HERE to purchase hoops.

**Keep a look out on our page for a more in depth description on different types of hoop tubing!


Your posture and stance are key in waist hooping. Hoopers need to have a straight, tall and long spine. Shoulders should be relaxed and you chest should be up. If you are slouching at all, your hula hoop will not stay on your waist.

The direction in which you are pushing your hoop is also very important. Many people think that it's a circular motion that will keep their hoop up and that couldn't be further from the truth.

There are 2 different methods on keeping your hoop up.

The first method is the front to back motion. Hoopers will put one foot in front of the other and pretend that a string is inside their belly button. Your hips should be squared to the direction that they're facing and knees will be bent slightly. Then hoopers PUSH as HARD as they CAN front to back. If the hoop drops, pick it up again! Practice is also key

The second method is the side to side method. You will place your feet hip width distance and pretend that there are two pieces of string stuck to your hips. Then you will push your weight to the RIGHT and LEFT sides of the room. Remember once again, PUSH as HARD as you CAN side to side. The harder you push, the more likely that your hoop will stay up!

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Check out our instructional Tik Tok Video here!

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