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Holiday Gift Guide for Hoopers

It's that time of year again! Let us help you make the special Hooper in your life extra happy this holiday season.

Below are a few of our favorite gifts for hoopers:


This is a no brainer, but there are LOTS of options and it can be overwhelming.

Let's talk size.

We suggest grabbing their favorite hoop and measuring the diameter of the hoop (Lay the hoop flat on the ground and measure in a straight line across the center of the hoop). If you are unsure of the 'type' of tubing you need, you can learn more by reading this 'Picking the perfect hoop' blog post. If you're still lost, no worries. Snap a picture of the hoop and show it to your hoopsmith, they should be able to help you identify it.

Depending on your needs and budget, below are some of the most coveted hoop gifts sure to please all the hoopers in your life!

Day Hoops/Practice Hoops:

A great gift for hoopers of all ages and skill levels.

JamHoops is one of our favorite hoop shops. You'll find an incredible selection of hoops to fit all your needs. They've got kids and beginner hoops, reflective and taped hoops, travel hoops and more!

Mad About Hoops offers local delivery and pick up of our hoops depending on where you live. If you are in the Houston area and looking for beginner/children's hoops, click here to order and get FREE porch delivery, guaranteed by Christmas. If you are in Denver or Boulder looking for polypro, click here to order for free pick up in Boulder.

LED Hoops are a wonderful way to brighten up the holiday season and guaranteed to be an instant fav of any hooper! Due to the price point and fragility, we suggest LED hoops for intermediate to advanced hoopers and bigger kids.

Standard LED hoops: If your hooper is new to the world of LED, we suggest The Hoop Smiths for high quality affordable LED hoops starting at just $50. They've got bundles with double hoops, triple hoops, minis and our personal favorite, taped LED hoops that are gorgeous day or night!

If you're looking for Smart Hoops, you know those fancy face melting, pattern shifting, programable LED hoops, Astral Hoops is our first choice. We wouldn't recommend them for children based on their price point; But if you're looking for a top of the line gift, you know you're going to get the best quality smart hoop with incredible customer service with this company. We've got years of experience using Astral and believe us, it's worth the price tag. Their hoops are bright, light weight, well balanced and reliable. If price is an issue, check out their pre-made stock, resale section and afterpay options.

Fire Hoops are a sure fire way to heat up the holidays! This should be reserved for experienced, adult hoopers. If you aren't ready to invest in a fire hoop, consider removeable fire wicks. This is a great option for new fire spinners, and if you're looking for a high quality fire hoop - we love this seller on etsy.

If you want to mix it up, consider gifting a new flow prop. Both JamHoops and Astral Hoops have a variety to choose from and a quick etsy search for 'flow arts' will yield a plethora of options!

First time fire spinners should familiarize themselves with all the proper safety protocol before lighting up. Check out our fire safety blog post with tons of helpful info for getting started!

Private Lessons

This is a great option for any hooper! Get personalized hoop with professional teachers and performers. Mad About Hoops offers private lessons via zoom and specializes in teaching kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. One hour of private instruction via zoom is $35 or buy a pack of 3 lessons for $75. Click here to book. Many professional hoopers offer private lessons, consider reaching out to inquire about rates and availability of your favorites hoopers!

Online Classes

With the world going virtual, you can now gift the joy of hooping via online classes! Live zoom classes are a great option for hoopers looking to connect with other hoopers and get real-time feedback. Check out our January Kids Class schedule. For adults, we suggest checking out Emma Kenna's weekly twin hoops class. Pre-recorded classes are a great option for hoopers with a busy schedule. Usually, these are a one time fee and you can instantly access the material and keep it forever. For kids, we recommend Hoops & Circus camp and for adults, check out 'The Hula Hoop Tricktionary' courses. We also love this dragon staff course from Grace Good!

Hoop events & Retreat

Gift hoopers with something to look forward to in the upcoming year. What better than a LIVE hoop event to brighten their spirits and level up their flow. A few of our favorites are the 2 day Jamboree in April. If you are looking for an all inclusive sleep away retreat, check out the 4 night, 5 day High Altitude Hoop Retreat in August. Tickets go on sale 12/14.

Gift Certificates

Lastly, if you're just not sure exactly what to get for your favorite Hooper, let them choose their own gift by offering them a gift certificate to their favorite company or vendor. Most vendors listed in this blog post offer gift certificates through their websites. If you are interested in a Mad About Hoops gift certificate, order one here. They are valid on hoop purchases, private lessons, online classes and more!

We hope you found this list helpful. This is in no way a complete list, this is just a few of our favorites. There are tons of other amazing companies and small businesses who could use your support this season. We suggest checking out etsy, but we recommend reading reviews on any shop before placing an order and double check holiday ship times to ensure your gift will arrive in time!

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