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Double Hoop tricks that can easily translate into other props!

Have you been hooping for a while, but you're looking to dive into some other flow props? Maybe your in a hoop rut and you're hoping to diversify your flow repitware. Luckily for you, even if you know a few basic 2 hoop tricks, you can translate them to other flow toys! Another bonus is, when you mix other props into your practice, it can help you open up your hoop flow as well.

Here are the 3 flow props that pair up easily with hoop moves!

  1. Poi

  2. Fans

  3. Mini Staffs or Batons

What I love about these props, is that there are quite a few hula hoop moves that also translate into these flow toys as well. Here are a list of tricks that work!

  1. Weave or Figure 8

  2. Barrel Roll

  3. Caps

  4. Extensions

  5. Double Figure 8

  6. Wind Mill

  7. Thread the Needle

If you're looking for something visual, here is a video of some these ideas.

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