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3 hacks for learning double hoops FAST!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

So, you've been on your hoop journey a little while now and you're ready to explore the exciting world of double hoops!

But, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start.

Starting with tricks that are too advanced can be discouraging. So what should you do? Where should you start?

What if I told you it was possible to Build confidence while improving FAST?

Try these hooping hacks and watch how quickly you improve!

1. Get your hoops spinning on your hands same time, same direction. One in front of you and one in back (aka wall plane). Master this step, drill it for a while until you get good control of the hoops before moving on. Now, let your non-dominate hand just keep hand hooping, it doesn't need to do any tricks - The hoop just needs to keep spinning. The dominate hand will do all the heavy lifting here - try all your favorite tricks and see what works! I suggest isolations, tosses, folds, bumps and balances! Anything you can do in front of your body with just one hoop, one hand will work!

2. Every trick you learn, force yourself to learn in in both hands. This takes some determination, but it's SO worth it. This may feel counterintuitive, almost like it's slowing your learning down - but the opposite is true. Soon you'll be able to turn all your single hoop moves like weaves, isolations and rolls into double hoop moves in an instant!

3. Split those hoops! What I mean is that if you master keeping one hoop on your waist, hips or knees, you can free up the top of your body to do lots of other tricks! I would suggest doing this on your knees, giving you more room for tricks on top - but even from your waist you can do things like floating, halo and more! If you get your hoop lower, try helicopter, isolations and body rolls!

I LOVE these hacks because early on, I could barely do any actual 'double hoop tricks' but using these hacks, I could keep two hoops spinning for an entire song and it looked like I was a double hooping pro! This gave me the confidence I needed while I slowly grew my repertoire of tricks!

Check out this tiktok video demonstrating the three tips discussed here. Follow us @madabouthoops for more tips, tricks and hooping hacks!

Bonus tips for getting good fast:

  • Pick the right size hoops. For doubles, you need that perfect goldilocks size. Not too big and not too small. I suggest figuring out what is the smallest size hoop you can comfortably on-body hoop with and then starting with that size doubles.

  • Drill. Drill. Drill. When in doubt, drill it out. Some things just take time, so be persistent and consistent! You've got this!

We hope you found these hacks useful! Let us know what tips you used to accelerate your learning! Tag us with any feedback @MadAboutHoops acorss all social platforms. 😉

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